Judged for being different

In the two stories,  “Abandoned but not Alone” by Thomas Oliphant and “Let the Colors Run” by Ron Suskind, the authors emphasized how each character was different.  In the first reading,  the author beings the story by explaining how she was rejected by her parents because she was gay.  He then continues explaining there are thousands of teenagers that experience the same thing.  But with a program such as the Point Foundation, the teenagers who were abandoned by their parent would no longer feel alone.  Oliphant feel strongly about these individuals and supports the foundations fully.  In the second reading by Ron Suskind, we are introduced to Larry Wakeford from Brown University.  Cedric is one of Larry’s student who he judged because of his background.   He assigns the students to write a 5 page midterm paper but Cedric comes back with a 2 page poem which impressed him greatly.

After reading Oliphant’s reading, I realized that if I were to be put in the position Maya Keyes was in, I would’ve been rejected as well.  My family is very religious and would almost find it a disgrace.  It hurts me to see how my parents can judge so quickly and regardless of sexual orientation should be treated like normal human beings.  Many families  feel the same way my parents feel but I believe we just need to help them get a better understanding of the idea.  Because a person is different, we should not judge or disown the person but instead love and accept the person for who they are.  I believe if Oliphant were to read mysituation and solution he would agree as well.

4 thoughts on “Judged for being different

  1. I am really in tune with your view on being different. My parents are practically the same way. I am of the opinion that parents atleast love their child regardless because thats what they are there for.

  2. I feel your pain, I really don’t understand how a child’s parents could shun them because of something they really cannot control, people should be treated like human beings regardless of thier sexual orientation because they are human beings.

  3. My father is the same way when it comes to judging quickly. He will say a racist comment for no reason. My mother on the other hand accepts everyone. No matter what you are. So I get both worlds. I tend to keep my comments to myself and try to respect everyone.

  4. I have a friend who is gay and my friends and i do not mind it. We all treat him as a normal person and his orientation does not bother us at all. but i do agree that some people just can’t take to seeing gay people and with be objective about it and with not accept them.

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